Don Shudar International Pte Ltd is a dynamic company that endeavours to provide value added and reliable services.


Established in 1976, Don Shudar International Pte Ltd has over 42 years of experiences in supplying to the Medical, Healthcare, Educational and Engineering industries. Don Shudar has built a reliable and trustworthy reputation with which the customer can be comfortable with.


Don Shudar International Pte Ltd provide customers with quality products and services that meet expectations.

What We Do

Medical Portfolio

Our success is built on our ability to select the right equipments for a wide range of clients.

Education & Skills Training Portfolio

We teach relevant content such as anatomical models, anatomical charts and medical simulators.

Trading Portfolio

Clients trust us as we give our support through every stage of their trading process.

Service Portfolio

Excellent service and high quality standard in our goods are what we promise you.